Fallout 4: 10 Big Plot Theories From The Trailer

From Ron Perlman's character to - wait, is that Three-Dog?!

There are some important things in life that are destined to never arrive, despite overwhelming desire: public transport when you need it, a good reason to see (or even care about) Suicide Squad, Tool's new album - and until yesterday: Fallout 4. But it's here. It's here, it's tangible, it exists, and so long as it doesn't somehow end up in the hands of Kojima and Del Toro; it'll see the light of day. Fallout 4 has been on the wishlist of millions of gamers for the last seven years, ever since Fallout 3 blew everyone away - never mind New Vegas. It's a really, really, really big deal. So when Bethesda just casually dropped a trailer ahead of E3, which is where everyone had it pegged for unveiling, the internet broke. And rightly so - the first available footage is chock full of irradiated Fallout goodness, nods to the universe's history, Ron Perlman's grumbly voice and for the first time - the pre-war era. There is so much to dissect; frame by frame more and more is revealed, but what do all these little things mean? Where could the universe be headed? Well here are 10 of the biggest theories from what we've seen so far from Fallout 4.

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