Fallout 4: 10 Incredible Locations You Need To Visit

From legendary stadiums to castles and even some secrets off the map.

Fallout 4 review By now, many of you will have taken your first steps in Fallout 4, tentatively exploring the derelict factories, supermarkets and abandoned towns that litter the Boston Wasteland. But in the scheme of things, you probably haven't seen that much, and could use some pointers in knowing where to find some of the most impressive, most spectacular, and most fascinating places in the game. Because contrary to what you'd expect, there's actually a special kind of beauty about the Wasteland - from the abandoned suburbias with their peeling blue paintwork, to the dramatic crumbling overpasses looming over you, and ruined versions of creepy real-life towns that you can visit. Maybe you've been so caught up the main storyline that you haven't had time to explore some of the cooler corners of the Wasteland, or you've been focusing on building your settlement and are now happy to just kick back on your porch (defended by a gun turret), watch the sun set amidst the dried-out, withered trees. Whatever you've been doing until now, take a break from it to head out and appreciate some of the sights that the wasteland has to offer. It'll take months for you to complete a full tourist trail of Fallout 4, but here are 10 locations that have stood out to me as some of the most awesome you can visit. Pack your chems, mod up that gun, and go exploring.

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