Fallout 4: 10 Terrifying Stories From The Wasteland

9. The Apostles Of The Holy Light

Bethesda SoftworksBethesda SoftworksThe Apostles of the Holy Light is a religion that originates from Springfield in the Capital Wasteland. Similarly to Megaton's Children of Atom cult, the Apostles revere and worship radiation and its mutating effects. Believing that ghouls are the next stage in human evolution, the members actively use radiation in an attempt to mutate themselves. When the player comes across the Apostles of the Holy Light, they are repeatedly told about the wonders of becoming a ghoul. Frequent references are also made to the 'Sun of Atom' and 'Atom's Champion', who are both claimed to be members that have given themselves completely to the Eternal Light. However, upon meeting the ghoulified Apostle members, they are in a disturbing state. The Sun of Atom is the son of Mother Curie III, the leader of the Apostles. Transformed into a glowing ghoul, he isn't hostile to the player. However, he also seems to lack any sort of higher brain function, and appears to be in a state of distress. Similarly, Atom's Champion is not hostile, but also appear to lack any sort of intelligence. Upon attempting to communicate with him, the 'Champion' will eventually begin to have a violent fit, suggesting that giving oneself to the 'Eternal Light' might just have been a mistake.
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