Fallout 4: 16 Insane GIFs You Need To See

No head? No problem.

Fallout 4 has been out in the wild for about a week now, and gamers have barely been able to pull themselves away from it, going by the hilarious revelation from Pornhub that their traffic dipped a huge 10% the day the game hit stores. The current generation of gaming is very much the generation of sharing, where every outrageous moment can be posted online in video and GIF form. As such, the likes of Reddit and YouTube have been flooded with some incredible footage, be it highlighting some of the seeming millions of glitches FO4 is assailed by, a ridiculous bout of coincidence, or some abuse of the game's glorious physics engine. FO4 may be deeply flawed from a technical perspective, but at least its jankiness does often contribute to a laugh-out-loud moment, and than in itself helps make them more excusable. Still, though, it's not all unintentional hilarity and a sloppy engine: Fallout 4 is an immense game with an epic scope and an absurd level of attention to detail. Here are 16 insane Fallout 4 GIFs you need to see...

16. The Baseball Bat... Launcher?

Again proving how hilariously off-base Bethesda's idea of physics can be, one player found out that the already deadly baseball bat with nails in it appears to have a hidden feature, the ability to catapult your enemies to their even-more-guaranteed demise. It may not make anything approaching logical sense, but it sure is satisfying...

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