Fallout 4 Settlements: 14 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Moving objects properly, when to expect Raider attacks, how to make a ton of caps and more.

Fallout 4 Review Chances are you've only briefly dabbled in Fallout 4's settlement functions, as although there's enough depth within to warrant an entire standalone game of micro-management and endless creativity, the game itself does a terrible job of actually telling you how everything works. From the off it's up to you to track down the character Sturges once you get to Sanctuary, as by continually interacting with him you'll get walked through the barest essentials in establishing your first safe zone. Even this process is something Fallout 4 doesn't draw any attention to - instead preferring to scream "Go on! Build!" as you inevitably dart off to complete a million other tasks instead - meaning it's over to the fans and articles like this, to truly realise the mode's potential. If you find yourself asking "But why would I bother with any of this?" after such a flash-in-the-pan introduction, the answer is threefold. First, settlers can scavenge loot that can then be broken down to craft better weapons, items and armour, second, they'll amass huge amounts of caps when you're off exploring, and lastly, once you get to grips with the interface, building your own custom fortress complete with pool table, jukebox and Power Armor is just awesome. There's more to it than that, so let's get started, shall we?

14. Know How To Move Objects Properly

https://youtu.be/1ch0GvB8UZw?t=154 An essential pointer for placing items in the world, you've probably already seen how items will 'click' or lock into place if they're hovering next to a suitable neighbouring item (like multiple walls, fences or roof tiles, for example). Alongside this, if you get sick of having to awkwardly look to the sky or ground as a way to getting the game to recognise where you'd like a piece to move, you can alter its position in two different ways entirely. First, hold X/A (on PS4/Xbox One) and move the left stick/mouse, which will move the piece within your viewing window, and second, hold L1/LB alongside X or A, and you can adjust its placement on a purely vertical plane, giving you far more freedom to place items in very specific places. Check the above video for a short guide on this.
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