Fallout 5: 10 Majorly Important Fixes It Must Have

Bethesda will never fix the bugs, so let's focus on everything else.

Fallout 5

It’s been just over a year since Fallout 4, the popular post-nuclear-apocalypse RPG, launched following months of hype after its surprise reveal at E3 2015. With all the DLC released and mods on PS4 finally out, fans are starting to look towards the next title in the franchise.

Whether it will be called Fallout 5 or another subtitle like ‘New Vegas’ is up for debate, but what many fans do agree on, is that the next Fallout game needs to address some major issues.

Fallout 4 was met with praise from critics and gamers alike, but many players felt the game fell flat on some aspects, and was actually a step down in quality from Fallout 3.

There’s no point saying they need to sort out the bugs, because Bethesda have known that about such things for years and never done anything about it, yet there are other things that they are more than capable of addressing.

Here are ten fixes the next Fallout game desperately needs.

10. Less Feral Ghouls

Fallout 5

Feral ghouls, irradiated humans who have been turned into mindless zombie-like creatures, are a core staple of the Fallout franchise and have been around since the very first game.

However, it felt like Fallout 4 went overboard with the amount of ferals it threw at players. Practically every location in the game was filled with them, meaning you couldn’t go very far without encountering at least a few at a time.

One of the biggest complaints about the Far Harbour DLC was that, despite all the brand new sea monsters created just for this area, the island was still full of ferals.

For the next Fallout game, Bethesda need to tone down the amount of feral ghouls. Their numbers do fit into the lore of the game, as there would be thousands of irradiated humans created from the nuclear war, but fighting the same set of enemies over and over just gets boring.

There are so many more interesting enemies in the Fallout universe, so cutting back on ferals and replacing many of them with other creatures would make encountering them a bit more special instead of the current ‘Not these again’ reaction.


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