Fallout 5: 10 Things It Must Do Better Than 4

It's about time war changed.

Fallout 5

The Fallout franchise is arguably one of the most beloved series of games in history.

Every single entry has been met with a level of hype that is almost unprecedented. The latest release, Fallout 4, was no exception and managed to be one of the best-selling games of 2015.

That doesn't mean that it's perfect, though. Far from it.

For all of the good that Fallout 4 managed to introduce to the series, like more Power Armour animations and base-building, it also brought plenty of new problems and retained some of Bethesda's biggest issues. For their first major game in the new generation of consoles, it was extremely disappointing to see Bethesda rush Fallout 4 onto the market.

On the plus side, the chances that Fallout 5 will manage to fix some of these problems is higher than ever. With the series having more fans than ever, it's likely Bethesda will put a lot more time and resources into crafting a sequel that truly improves upon the previous releases, which is exactly what the Fallout series needs.

10. Make Power Armour More Special

Fallout 5

The expansion of Power Armour in Fallout 4 was actually pretty cool, but the game made it so easy to use and abuse, that it quickly lost any appeal.

Within the first hour of playing Fallout 4, you'll have been given your own set of Power Armour and taken down one of the series' most iconic and dangerous enemies - the Deathclaw. Although this certainly cemented how powerful the suits were, it also made any future encounter with the enemies completely redundant.

Fallout 4 made it so easy to use Power Armour that there was no reason to ever get out of them. To prevent the Power Armour from losing it's impact too quickly, Bethesda need to make sure their inclusion in Fallout 5 is much harder to find, and much harder to maintain.

The idea of the suits needing Power Cores is great too, but only if you're not always in possession of a ton. They're hardly special if you can stumble across ten within the first couple of hours of playing.

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