Fan-Made Freebie Pokémon Uranium Is A Worthy Contender For Sun & Moon

Way to play the pros at their own game.

Pokemon uranium
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2016 definitely seems to be the year of the Pikachu. What with the massive mobile success of Niantic's Pokemon GO and the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon coming to Nintendo 3DS this winter, you could've assumed fans officially had enough Pokemon to satisfy their creature-collecting needs.

My god, how wrong you'd be, as along comes Pokemon Uranium, a completely fan-made Pokemon title with a brand new region to explore and 100+ newly-envisioned Pokemon to catch.

This incredible gaming achievement is now available to play for FREE on PC, all you need is an emulator. Set in the Tandor region, as the title suggests, Pokemon Uranium has a heavy influence on nuclear power, and the protagonist's story arch revolves heavily around this. I won't go into spoilers, but I will say it is delightfully different and original.


There is also a new Nuclear type of Pokemon. Similar to when Fairy types were introduced, Nuclear types are sure to spice up gameplay and make some unique collections of brand new Pokemon. Uranium seems to be the closest thing we've had to a "darker" adventure in the established canon, with the story originating from death and tragedy, and the Nuclear-types being described as "sinister" and "threatening to innocent people".

New characters are also introduced, including a new take on the Pokemon Professor, Prof. Bamb'o and your new rival Theo; an angsty redhead with the ambition to be the best. Although not on the same visual standards as the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon, Pokemon Uraniam has relatively retro vibe, reminiscent of the GBA and early Nintendo DS titles - which is really nostalgic for any long term Pokemon players.


IGN recently uploaded a gameplay of the beginning of the game and it looks amazing. Check it out:



Are you going to have a crack at Pokemon Uranium? Which of the new starters is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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