Fantastic Four Content Is Coming To Spider-Man PS4!

Will the Marvel heroes turn up in the flesh, or simply be referenced in a brand new suit?

Spider Man Fantastic 4 Thumb

Spider-Man PS4 continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Not only have fans enjoyed three alright DLC packages, but Insomniac has continued to add new suits and features into the game, most recently slipping Sam Raimi’s original movie costume into the title.

The developer's momentum thankfully doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon either, and Marvel Games’ official Twitter have just announced that something “Fantastic” is coming to Spider-Man PS4 “soon”. This tantalising tidbit comes as the final announcement in Marvel’s Fantastic Four week, which has been mostly focused on the other games Reed Richards and co. are now going to be a part of. Sadly, neither Marvel nor Insomniac have confirmed just what is coming to Spidey, other than the fact that it is definitely Fantastic Four related.

As far as announcements go, then, it’s kind of an announcement for an announcement, which is in the same vein as movie studios creating teaser trailers for… teaser trailers. Nobody really knows what the crossover is actually going to be, but the easy assumption is a new suit. The white-and-black Future Foundation get up Peter Parker received when he joined Reed Richard’s titular foundation in the comics would make sense, and its distinct stealth powers would add to the wealth of gameplay options already on display. Or it could be the costume I’m secretly holding out hope for, which is just Spidey in a Fantastic Four suit with a bag over his head. The Bombastic Bagman, as he’s known.

However, there is another option potentially on the table, and that’s the Baxter Building itself being included in Insomniac’s version of NYC. Many fans hoped that this signature skyscraper would have been included in the base game, what with so many other iconic Marvel buildings already there to find. The issue was probably licensing, but now that Marvel Games are clearly very much allowed to use this property, the BB building showing up could now be feasible.

What the content is going to be is ultimately up in the air though, but let's hope it will be something that actually ties the Fantastic Four to this universe and confirms that they exist here, rather than a throwaway reference or Easter egg. Either way, we’ll find out very soon

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