Far Cry 3's Guide To Life: 10 Rules To Remember


So you€™ve played through the gunslinging island adventure that is Far Cry 3, which is undoubtedly one of the years top titles. But was this just a few fleeting hours of pirate killing fun? No, of course not! Our adventure with Jason Brody was an experience that we can learn from and apply valuable lessons to our daily lives. Check out our 10 rules to remember below!

10. Murder Enough People, And People Will Remember Your Name


Do you have one of those names that people often forget at parties? Our main man Jason doesn't have the most memorable name so he decided to do something about it. Far Cry teaches us a pretty easy lesson: if you commit enough massacres, people start to recognise you. This does take a while and you€™ll need a lot of help from knives and bullets, but if you keep at it and get to a kill count that looks a lot like a genocide, your name will certainly be remembered.

9. Conventional Medicine Is A Con


Throughout your life you might have been told that if you are ill, you should go to the doctor, or if you've had an accident, you should go to the hospital. For years we have been pumping our taxes into the NHS (or insurance companies for those US readers), paying for treatments, medical equipment and supplies, but as it turns out, this is all very unnecessary. There is a simple guide that can help you deal with any injury. Have you been mauled by a bear, tiger or angry cassowary? The cure is simple: just tape up your left forearm with a couple of layers of store-brand bandages and forget about it! Have you fallen from a great height and narrowly evaded death or permanent paralysis? This one is easy. With your left hand snap your right thumb back into place and wiggle it around a little bit: you'll be cured in no time. Have you taken a few too many bullets to the limbs, chest and that all important head? Grab the nearest twig and hack out that bullet in your right hand. Once the bullet is out, you'll be right as rain.
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