Far Cry 6 CONFIRMED - Release Date, Villain, Story & Location Details Inside!

Ubisoft's next big sequel just leaked.


[UPDATE] In response to the leaked information, Ubisoft has released an official teaser for the game.

Original story below:

Far Cry 6 has just leaked courtesy of a PSN listing for the game showing up on the Hong Kong storefront. Translated into English, the page reveals the cover art for the sequel and confirms that Giancarlo Esposito - as previously reported - will indeed serve as the title's villain.


More specific details were included as well, including a brief synopsis of the narrative, which will chronicle Esposito's Anton Castillo, who is the dictator of the island of Yara. A revolution begins when he reveals his intentions to pass down his regime to his young son, which is where the game's protagonist, freedom fighter Danny Rojas, comes in.


The map itself will apparently be the biggest in the franchise yet, covering tropical areas and more dense urban cities.

A release date of February 18th 2021 was also included in the listing, along with the confirmation that players will be able to upgrade to a PS5 version of the game if they already own it on PS4 free of charge.


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