Far Cry Primal - 10 Easter Eggs, References & Secrets You Must Find

It's prehistoric man, of course there was a Flintstones reference.

Weeks on from the launch of Far Cry: Primal, and gamers are already stomping the primeval land of Oros, throwing their spears around, hunting mammoths, and employing mercenary badgers as hunting companions. It has all the hallmarks of a Far Cry experience, but stripped back in a way that few games have dared before. Flawed though it may be, it's an undeniably fun experience... in a very primal kind of way. Ever into their cross-referencing and self-aware gags, Ubisoft have always treated their games to a good seasoning of Easter eggs, in-jokes and nods to other video games. True to tradition, Far Cry Primal is brimming with these, some of which even hint at a connection between the universes of different Ubisoft games. So, in the spirit of lent, Easter, and all that malarkey, let's tuck into the Easter eggs of Oros and look at the 10 best ones that have been discovered so far.

10. Stonehenge

The ancient stone circle standing on the Salisbury Plains in England is one of the oldest man-made structures in the world, thought to date back to around 3000BC. Impressive though that may be, it's still about 7000 years too young to feature in Far Cry: Primal, which takes place at the start of the Mesolithic Age (around 10,000BC). Still, you can always allow for a bit of poetic licensing in the name of a good Easter egg, so Ubisoft took the liberty of including a Stonehenge replica, called the Blajiman Stones, in the game. The stone circle can be found on the eastern part of the map, and gives us a pretty good idea of what Stonehenge could've looked like in its prime thousands of years ago. True to their real-world inspiration, the Blajiman Stones are also a place of rituals and sacrifices, and coming here at a certain point in the game will see you witness one of these.

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