Far Cry Primal Hands-On Review - 9 Things You Need To Know

9. Wildlife Is More Important Than Ever

The wilderness has always been an integral part of the Far Cry series. Hell, most of the fun you can squeeze out of these games often comes down to hunting wild animals or manipulating them into going on huge flesh-hungry murder-sprees. Thankfully, Primal puts the focus directly on this element and jumps the functionality of Far Cry's signature animal ecosystem up a new level. With this being prehistoric times, you aren't just going to be running into your regular old wolves and bears as you explore the harsh wilderness that Primal has to offer. Instead, Woolly Mammoths are your forte, either for hunting or riding, while sabre-tooth tigers want nothing more than to rip your throat out at a moment's notice. However, not only are there plenty of new creatures to discover, but there are systems in place that make each and every animal you come across in the game useful in dynamically different ways. Although I didn't get to experience the full potential of the new title's Beast Master feature, it's clear that you can do more than hunt or manipulate the wildlife in Primal. Instead, you'll be organising packs of them and occasionally taking direct control over their actions as they become vital weapons in your arsenal.

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