Far Cry: You Won't Get 100% On This True Or False Pagan Min Quiz!

How well do you know Far Cry 4's tyrannical dictator of Kyrat?


Nothing gets a gamer more invested in a campaign than an interesting and evil antagonist. Whether it's General Deathshead in Wolfenstein, Rodrigo Borgia in Assassin's creed II or the Joker in Batman: Arkham City, the link between successful action-games and the quality of their villain is clear.

After Far Cry 3's Vaas became a fan favourite, the fourth game in the popular franchise gave Ubisoft a reputation for creating memorable villains. Far Cry 4 brought Pagan Min to our screens, an eccentric and evil leader that rules over the fictional Kyrat.

Set in a war-torn nation in the Himalayas, the game follows protagonist Ajay Ghale, as he tries to scatter his mother's ashes in his native country. Caught up with the Golden Path's fight against Pagan's leadership, players guide Ghale through temples, caves, drug-fuelled hallucinations and Shangri-La, the common theme in all parts being guns and death...

With a villain as interesting and unique as Far Cry 4's, determining the true facts about the character can be difficult. In this quiz, we challenge you to separate the truths from the lies, about the villain players love to hate, Pagan Min.

Answers at the end!

1. Pagan Min Was Born In Hong Kong.


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