FIFA 13: 10 Great Tips For Scoring Goals

It should be an awful lot easier to score goals in FIFA 13: it is after all the currency of success in the game, and players should be rewarded at the lowest level with as many goals as they can take before it all gets a bit too easy and they are thus encouraged to make the step up to the next hardest difficulty. But that's not how it works in the offline version of EA Sports' latest addition to the sprawling football franchise, and it's frankly way too difficult to score - defenders are superhuman, speed isn't as effective as it should be and 'keepers have all been injected with whatever is in Joe HArt's genetics to make him so good. With that in mind, we're fully aware that some FIFA players need help, so we've scoured the net to find out the best way to guarantee that you score as many goals as possible both offline and online. In the immortal words of Alan Partridge: bosh, eat my goal!

1. Speed Demons

In FIFA 13, as in earlier versions of the game, and the real life sport, pace is premium commodity in attacking players. If they can combine blistering pace with good control and good dribbling skills, their value to your cause will be three-fold, since EA Sports' changes to the game have made pace a premium, and pretty much the only way to penetrate an opponent's defensive line for newer players. So buy yourself a fast striker, or a couple of fast wingers and you'll likely reap the benefits when their lumbering centre-halves have difficulty keeping up - though the problems with the AI do mean that certain centre-halves like Mike Williamson who should be outstripped by even the only slightly fleet of foot opponents. As a handy hint, the five fastest strikers in the Ultimate Team mode of the game are as follows: Theo Walcott (Arsenal) - Pace: 96, Dribbling: 80 Jonathan Biabiany (Parma) - Pace: 96, Dribbling: 81 Guillhermo Rojas (San Luis) - Pace 96, Dribbling: 70 Dane Richard (Vancouver Whitecaps) - Pace: 94, Dribbling: 69 Christian Suarez (Santos Laguna) - Pace: 94, Dribbling: 75

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