FIFA 13: 7 Small Details EA Got Right And 3 They Got Wrong

The finer points of a game can sometimes be very important. Here are seven EA Sport's got right with FIFA 13 and three they got wrong.

Sometimes in a video game, getting the small things right can improve the bigger picture of a series. Take Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for example. A huge, expansive terrain on the face of things, but teeming with minor bugs and glitches that ultimately led to many discrediting it altogether. When FIFA 13 was released - the twentieth title in EA Sport's critically acclaimed football franchise - it received positive reviews from sites up and down the Internet highway (including this one) and sold more than one million copies in just two days. But, much like fans of Skyrim, not everyone was happy with the end product. Whist it was generally agreed that the game as a whole was a success, there were certain elements of the game, small, intricate things, that niggled fans. That being said, some of these finer details EA Sports got right, with new additions that whilst only improved the game on a small level didn't go undetected by admiring fans. Here are some of the small details we think EA Sport's got right with FIFA '13, and some of the things we think they didn't do quite so well with.

7. Request More Money From Clubs Bidding For Your Players

Remember in past iterations of the FIFA franchise when, during career mode, you would be inundated with requests from several clubs for the services of one of your star players? If so, you will also remember how tedious it was sifting through all these requests only to have one club repeatedly make a bid for your player with a pre-ordained monetary offer. One of the small details in FIFA '13 allows you to set the bar for what you consider to be an acceptable request, eradicating the system of old which forced you to read through unacceptable offer after unacceptable offer. If one club offered you £6million for example, and you rated the player at £10million, you could simply put that counter offer to the bidding club. It suited our demands and also rapidly sped up the somewhat arduous transfer requests during career mode.


Joseph is an accredited football journalist and has interviewed nearly all of the current 20 Barclay's Premier League managers. He is also a correspondent for Bleacher Report and has written for Caught Offside and Give Me Football.