FIFA 13: 8 Failures We Want Fixed

Some are technical, some would lead to expanding the gameplay and some are just gripes that have irritated us for years.

1. Imaginary Issues Affecting How Well The Players Play

The Problem: Now I€™m not a man who denies people have their problems; even the multi-million pound earning, beautiful woman loving footballer. However in the Fifa world the problems manifest themselves in explanation-less dips in form where their dribbling, passing and general ability is affected. It€™s a nice feature; but the often random nature of them and the then explanations of €˜I had a problem, it€™s over now.€™ is infuriating when you€™re on manager mode without any way of fixing this. If I€™m going to spend £48 million of my budget on David Silva and he€™s going to say €˜He has problems€™ and play badly, I sure as hell want a way to fix it. The Solution: It€™s already somewhat integrated in to the game; someone complains about not playing enough matches, they play, they are happy. However this could be expanded to deal with player contracts, minutes on the pitch, importance in the play, personal problems and allow you to have a dialogue with the player. Give you a few options of responses and the one that does the best job helps your relationship with the player and how he plays, the worst one brings that down and the poor form lasts longer. It€™s a double edged sword, but it would be nice to have a way of dealing with things that the game feels the need to randomly make up.
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