FIFA 13 Demo Review: 7 Key Features Break-Down

FIFA 13 feels exciting and fresh again, and football has arguably never felt this real or this fluid before.

EA Sports yesterday released the first demo for this year's edition of the behemoth football game franchise FIFA 13, and you will have already read my general reflections on the demo which was posted earlier after I got to grips with the XBox 360 version of the game, but now it's time to dig a little deeper under the surface of the game and explore how successful EA Sports' new features are based on the demo. Of course the changes in the game aren't limited to the points raised in this article - but these are the 7 key features that EA Sports highlighted in the pre-release campaign as the big new developments for the game, so it's interesting to judge them based on those predominantly. Overall, as I said in my initial Impressions article, the demo feels like a very good teaser for what will surely be an excellent game, especially in terms of the gameplay experience. But presentation wise, the game has also enjoyed its usual uplift in quality, from the new Match Day experience that is hinted at well in the teaser to the way everything looks. This year, the game has had yet another graphical augmentation, with the developer clearly keen to bring authentic likenesses to the players not only in terms of their physical appearance, but also in the way they play, and while there are only a handful of teams playable in the demo it's possible to witness the differences between playing with David Silva and Carlos Tevez and someone like Pablo Zabaleta. And so, on with the focus on those brand new features...

7. First Touch Control

Easily the most eye-catching new feature of this year's FIFA, and one that represents a big step forward for the game. Let's be honest, anything that shakes up the gameplay in an established franchise and forces veteran players to rethink as simple a mechanic as the way they control the ball, and prepare to control the ball, has got to be a good thing, and that's exactly what EA Sports have achieved with the new First Touch Control system. The new system demands a lot more tactical thought, rather than simply allowing the player to pick up the ball perfectly every time, and the added realism changes the gameplay a surprising amount. In order to avoid dreaded heavy touches, players must be careful to be running at a suitable pace, and to take a more balanced approach to play, rather than simply going full pelt and hoping for the best. The system can also be used positively, allowing the player to control the ball away from defenders with an intelligent heavier touch, using the defender's position against them to steal an attacking march on them. It's a great new addition, and one that asks a good deal of the player. Thankfully, it is nicely balanced between being a punitive system and one that rewards smart adaptation. Not only that, but the new system means that play feels a lot more realistic without the safety net of perfect control every time, and everything looks a lot more like real football. Click next to reveal more...
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