FIFA 13 Pro Clubs: 4 Improvements That Need To Be Made

We help EA sports out with their latest release in their uber popular footballing franchise.

Playing FIFA 12 online can bring the best and the worst out of anybody. One moment you can be in utter jubilation about an incredible piece of football you have just managed to orchestrate and the next you can be getting ready to throw your FIFA disc out of the window! We all love the game but we also hate it when it is not in our favour. If you haven't played Pro Clubs before, it only takes a couple of games to realise that if you haven't put the effort in to improve your pro to nearly 100% or just glitched him, then you aren't going to do very well at all. It has got to that time of the year where everybody starts looking forward to the next edition of FIFA and the release is not far away. One of the main reasons some people buy the game is because of the Online Pro Clubs feature and I am one of them. As a consistent player of Pro Clubs for a number of years now, I have a pretty good idea of what needs to change.

1) Firstly, and I know some people may disagree with this but.... Every team must have to play with an Any! This concept may not seem like a good idea to some but people play online to play against other people and not against the computer. Using the computer to defend for you is basically saying that you are incapable of doing it yourself. It is unfair on all of the actual gamers who want to play the game themselves. If making every team play with an Any is too much of a change then at least include a search option to search for teams with or without an Any. 2. Make all of the non Virtual Pro's the exact same rating. This gives everybody an equal chance and makes it more of a fair game. How many times have you seen the outpacing of your Virtual Pro by some random 64 rated computer generated defender?... Too many is the answer! Click "next" below for part 2...

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