FIFA 13 vs PES 2013: 4 Reasons Why PES 2013 Will Win The War

WhatCulture runs down four reasons that PES 13 will win the war against FIFA 13, and one reason it just might not.

In the next couple of weeks, the biggest footballing feud since Joey Barton took to his Twitter to wage a war on Mike Ashley will kick off for real when the twin football gaming behemoths of FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (or PES 13) are released within just a week of each other. In the past couple of months that feud has been very openly fueled by PES Team Leader Jon Murphy taking to the press to criticise the work and practices of his major developer rivals, with EA Sports remaining typically tight-lipped on the matter. Both gaming companies have been promising that this year's additions to the franchises will be big developments on last year, with gameplay changes for both titles as well as aesthetic and presentation ones thrown in for the usual visual shake-ups, and that can surely only spell positives for football gaming fans. So, which game do we buy? The decision to release both games at almost the same time actively encourages the development of a direct rivalry, as if both Konami and EA Sports are keen to split fans, when they could both potentially enjoy increased sales by purposefully avoiding one another on the open market. But then, the football game market has been a duopoly for some time now, and it's unlikely those fans who shout either way for their favourite football game would ever go over to the dark-side. A lot of bad blood had passed between those fans, and a lot of damaging words have been said. Whilst it has been a number of years since Pro Evo has outshone FIFA in all aspects except an official licence, and (cough) sales, the arrivals of the demos this year have made me question myself once again. Do I go with FIFA, with which I have spent so much time these last three to four years? Or do I go with Pro Evo, my old friend who appears to be on the road to recovery after his stint in rehab? Put those knives down, but I think I'm going home to Konami. And here follows my 4 reasons why PES 2013 will be better than FIFA 13.

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