FIFA 14: 10 Inevitabilities We Aren’t Looking Forward To

Did As far as most gamers are concerned, there's only one game that's worth having coming out this month - Grand Theft Auto V. With all the hype currently surrounding Rockstar Game's upcoming crime epic, it's easy to forget that a week on Friday, FIFA 14 is released in Europe. But that's not to say we've forgotten, and here at What Culture!, we're just excited about scoring a 30-yard free-kick as we are stealing someone's car and taking it for a spin into the desert. But once the excitement of pre-release has washed off, there are bound to be niggles and complaints from unsatisfied fans - and that's particularly true of FIFA 14. Here then, we take a look at 10 inevitabilities we aren€™t looking forward to.

10. The Exact Same Commentary

Fifa Commentary Despite the fact there is going to be a new voice in the FIFA 14 commentary team for this year's game, we just know that Martin Tyler and Clive Tyldesley are going to be uttering certain catchphrases found in previous iterations of the series. The commentary rarely changes that much from one game to the next, which makes for a sometimes-stale experience while playing, especially considering that the play-by-play isn't that good to begin with. The presence of irreverent comments, such as Michael Carrick being from Newcastle (...and?) makes for an unrealistic experience, and we regretfully don't expect this to change with FIFA 14.
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