FIFA 14: 10 Best Goals Ever Scored

Goals so good, they'd make Chris Kamara combust from sheer pleasure.

Part of what makes FIFA such a fantastic game is because it gives us the ability to score off-the-wall goals which are often capable of surpassing their real life counterparts. Too often in real matches players are too concerned with playing solid, sustainable football rather than going for broke and risking everything for an audacious attempt at greatness. With the stakes obviously reduced in a €˜friendly€™ game of FIFA, we have the ability to play with wanton abandon, potentially missing an opportunity at a more humble goal for the chance to do something incredible for the crowds of virtual fans. The internet is congested with many, many unbelievable goals which could easily find themselves on this list in another€™s place. However, these 10 moments €“ which will forever been ingrained in FIFA history for being incredible goals €“ are certainly all worthy.

Honourable Mention Okay €“ so this goal was scored at the wrong end but there can be no denying that it was anything other than a sumptuous strike. Indeed had this goal been at the other end it could quite possibly have found itself on this list as a legitimate entry. It is extremely surprising to see a dopey play like this from Jérôme Boateng, who is normally rock-solid for Bayern.

10. Marco Reus Finesse With this silky-smooth finish Marco Reus takes us right back to the days of FIFA 12 when it used to be that little bit too easy to use an outlandish finesse shot from distance to bend it right around the keeper. From a precariously wide angle on the left-hand side of the field the gamer uses Reus to beat a tough defender in Bacary Sagna before taking a bold shot from around 22-yards out. There€™s little wonder why the German international is being discussed as the primary target to patch-up the sinking ship that is Manchester United. The left-midfielder was one of the pivotal players in the Borussia Dortmund team which shocked many by placing second in last year€™s Champions League tourney and would doubtless be a huge help in reviving United€™s hopes of once again being league champs.
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