FIFA 14: 4 Ways To Make Career Mode A Better Experience From Previous Years

fifa_14_xbox_360_boxart FIFA 14 is only a matter of weeks away and the expectation is high, with exciting new features being added in almost every area of the game. These new features include the next global scouting network which is a great addition to the game because it will give the game a more realistic feel. The User Interface for career mode has also been revamped meaning a more fast flowing experience. This year also features a fully licensed Brazilian League and The Blue Square Premier. Although the Brazilian league may be quite interesting to have a play with, the Blue Square Premier may not. They already have four fully licensed English divisions, why add a fifth? They have many other leagues in the world that they could bring it that could be more interesting. One that springs to mind would be the Scottish Championship, it may not be that interesting but if you play the SPL, then it will make it more interesting because you will have teams relegated from the SPL and new teams promoted to the SPL. Other features in the game include "Pure Shot" which seems like a really good thing to put in the game to make it seem more real, but depending on how they do it, all games could be an absolute goal fest, so let's hope that doesn't happen. They have apparently improved the ball physics to make it more realistic, so you can have swerving, rising and dipping shots. Team mate intelligence another feature in there, let's hope it's better than FIFA 13's, when you were running with the ball and your team mate is making a great run but as you pass the ball he completely changes direction. I'm here though, to talk about minor things that they could change to make FIFA 14 a better experience in comparison to other years...
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