FIFA 14: 5 More Ratings EA Got Horribly Wrong

Unless the release this week of critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 5 has bamboozled you to the point of memory impairment, it€™s worth remembering there€™s another triple A title coming out this month. A week tomorrow, FIFA 14 is released in Europe, with the latest in EA Sport€™s long-running football series hitting shop shelves before next weekend. Already we€™ve had countless screen shots, a couple of trailers, and a demo to chew over as we await its release, and as if that wasn€™t enough, publishers EA have ramped up anticipation for the upcoming title even further by unveiling a list of the highest rated players in the game. A list of the top 50 players has appeared online and we€™ve already scrutinized the afforded ratings with our featured article €œ9 Ratings EA Got Horribly Wrong€. That was almost two weeks ago now and in the time that has passed we€™ve had time for further contemplation and decided that some of the ratings were so horrifically wide of the mark that a secondary article was merited. Here then, we take a look at 5 MORE players who were given ridiculous ratings by EA in FIFA 14. Click €œNext€ to get started.
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