FIFA 14: 9 Reasons Why It's Going To Be The Best FIFA Yet

Fifa 14 Baines FIFA 14 is out a week today and gamers still hooked on recently-released Grand Theft Auto 5 are going to have something new to obsess over come next weekend. Much is expected from EA's upcoming football simulation title following the release of the demo recently to great fanfare as well as positive reviews in these early stages of pre-release. And if FIFA 14 is as successful as its predecessor, 13, it is going to be a smash hit. The last game went on to become the biggest videogame launch of 2012 with 7.4 million units sold four weeks after its release. And we have a sneaky feeling the latest iteration in the long-running series is going to be similarly successful, and here are 9 reasons why.

9. The Soundtrack

Nine Inch Nails The soundtrack of any game is important, particularly when you spend as much time scrolling through options menus and loading screens as you do in the FIFA series. And we're pleased to say the soundtrack for FIFA 14 is a stellar one, featuring such artists as Nine Ince Nails (above), Bloc Party and Foals. With artists hailing from as far away as Brazil, New Zealand and Argentina, along with the addition of the better-known English bands, there's something to suit everyone's tastes in FIFA 14.
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