FIFA 14: 9 Tips To Play Like A Boss

Fifa 14 Cover

With the hype of GTA V's release clogging up the Internet, you would have been forgiven for forgetting about EA Sports FIFA 14, coming out on 27th September. In this newest installment, we are promised a more realistic experience; EA have put in plenty of work into the game, with new gameplay additions and tweaks to get the match day experience more realistic. Whether it is FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode or just a one off friendly, there is no doubt that you want to finish the game on the winning side. However, adapting to a new game does take time, with additions like pure shot and precision movement. Also, with the emphasis taken away from pace in this game, you will have to come up with some others ways to break. The demo released on the 10th September has received a mixed reaction, but surely it is a step in the right direction to get a more realistic match day. We all strive to be the best, so here are 9 tips to play like a boss...

9. Shield The Ball

FIFA 14 In FIFA 14, gone are the times where you have to press LT/L1 to execute skill moves; now it is all about shielding the ball at all costs. One of the main things about the demo is that speed isn't as dominating in this game, and shielding the ball could be a good way to make up for this. It will allow you to keep the ball and give you the option to bring your teammates into the game, which is likely to be more successful than just running down the wing.
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