FIFA 14 Replaced As Xbox One Day One Edition Pre-Order Free Game

Xbox One Bundle With next gen gaming soon to be hitting us flush in the face brinkmanship between Microsoft and Sony is coming to the fore. There have been more twists than a Chubby Checker playlist so far in the preliminary scuffle for market share. It looked as though Microsoft had got it all wrong and would pay dearly but for their impromptu reversal over numerous contentious policies. Sony looked to be coasting along on a wave of gamer adulation only to have themselves reeled back in with Microsoft's suprise offer of a free digital copy of FIFA 14 with 'all' pre-orders for Xbox One in Europe. News broke last week though that Microsoft were changing this very much in demand deal. Microsoft's social marketing manager Graeme Boyd took to Twitter to clarify the situation. He stated: "Had a few questions on this so wanted to clarify: FIFA 14 will only come free with Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders, while stocks last." This seems somewhat contradictory to what was said by Microsoft's Phil Harrison when he first revealed the FIFA 14 deal. Saying: "All pre-orders for Xbox One this holiday will include a copy of FIFA 14 at no additional cost." The stock of the free digital download for FIFA 14 has been almost completely allocated. There are a few of these day one edition pre-orders still available so act fast if this was something you were hoping to get. For any further pre-orders of the day one edition of Xbox One Microsoft will be including a free copy of Forza 5. In an email to the Verge Microsoft confirmed the changes stating: "These are only on pre-orders for the Day One Edition bundle which are in limited supply at selected retailers in the UK." So to clarify: if you have already pre-ordered a day one edition Xbox One bundle with FIFA 14 you will still receive it. If you wanted this deal you need to act quickly as there is very little supply including the free digital download of FIFA 14 left. The day one edition pre-order bundles on sale now will be coming with a free copy of Forza 5 instead of FIFA 14, these are also in limited supply. Finally if you have pre-ordered a non day one edition of the Xbox One you will get neither of the free titles included with your hardware. This may be good or bad news for you depending on which side of the next gen divide you fall. If you are a fan of either FIFA of Forza and were planning on getting an Xbox One first day edition it seems that you need to act now in order to avoid disappointment. Personally I am still undecided on which console to get and whether to pre-order. It does seem thought that as we meander towards the release dates there may yet be more twists in the tale. I think a lot of consumers took the promise of a free copy of FIFA 14 with all Xbox One pre-orders as a given and I would imagine this could have a big impact on the amount of non day one edition pre-orders. Contrastingly those Forza fans out there may now be more inclined to place a pre-order, so as always time will tell. What do you guys think? Have Microsoft dropped another Clanger?
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