FIFA 14 Review: 7 Ways EA Sports Have Won The Football War (Again)



Once again EA Sports promised a lot, without ever really needing to. Though closest competitor PES has enjoyed another year of growth, and a gain of ground Is it the best football simulation ever? Is it a flawless presentation, with strong likenesses, animations and gameplay mechanics? And perhaps most importantly, and often least considered, is it actually fun? In short, it's a resounding yes to all, or it's very close to that at least. It's difficult to review any game like FIFA 14 now without the invention of new superlatives, because suggesting an evolution on near-perfection is simply licence for fans (and especially PES defenders) to roll out the accusations of empty hyperbole. Fanboy labels will meet any review that definitively praises the game, regardless of how many flaws are picked out, or how many areas of development suggested, but it's no exaggeration to state that FIFA 14 is the finest game of its type, and undoubtedly the greatest football game of this generation. Yes, PES 2014 is a close second, with a near perfect score, but when it gets down to the grind of the smallest details, which are inevitably the key deciding factors in a battle of such behemoths, it is EA Sports and not Konami who emerge with their heads held highest. And the reasons are in the details. So without further ado, with the game set for release on Friday in Europe, we're looking at all of the key aspects of the game reviewed and rated, and firstly, the fun factor...

7. Is It Fun?

Fifa 14 Messi Point To Sky Hugely. There has been a very obvious shift towards recapturing some of the hardcore football players who have had their head turned by PES's gameplay in recent years, but that doesn't mean there's been a compromise in the entertainment factor of the game. If you're willing to put the time in to master the game - and it is necessary this year (more of which later) - the realism actually helps the enjoyment factor massively, and though some might say they want to be able to play, without the regimental restrictions of realism, there really is no trade off in how many hours of fun you will get out of it. Next up: The New Features...

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