FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 10 Best Bargain Players

8. Chrstian Benteke (Aston Villa) €“ 900

It is typical of the talent-rich Premier League that a talent like Christian Benteke can exist at a bottom-half club like Aston Villa. After an impressive first season at Villa, Benteke€™s 2013/14 was more disappointing as a series of niggling injuries prevented the 23-year-old from truly finding his form. Regrettably Benteke€™s dreams of playing in that ever more dangerous Belgium squad in Brazil were shattered when he ruptured his Achilles tendon in training last month. Despite this frustrating year, Benteke€™s card on FUT is still a dangerous prospect for any opponent€™s defence. The Belgium-native has incredible speed for his towering 6€™3€ frame (83 accleration, 82 sprint speed) and is able to use his imposing size and 93-strength to dominate in the air. If you choose to field him in a Barclays PL team, the wingers they have available mean that Benteke€™s potential can truly be exploited. His 90 finishing also means that he is ridiculously reliable with the ball at his feet.
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