FIFA 15: 10 Overpowered Players Who Will Dominate The Game

The players you will inevitably come to loathe in FIFA 15.

Generally speaking EA Sports intricately balance their roster of players on FIFA so no individual €“ outside of the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovi‡ €“ has the ability to single-handedly dominate the game. Much like in the real sport, players have the ability to produce flashes of brilliance but to win the gamer usually has to tap into the strengths of all of their entire team. However, over the years there have been a host of overpowered players in the FIFA franchise (**Cough** Agbonlahor) and this was certainly the case in FIFA 14. Whether it was because of their blistering speed, painfully dangerous aerial abilities (a common feature on this list), insane dribbling skills or inhuman strength, some players felt far more potent on FIFA 14 than their real life counterparts. Players of this ilk enable the less skilled gamer to triumph over their superiors. Though we can rely on EA Sports to produce a quality FIFA game year in year out, we can also expect them to continue the trend of making some players far too good. Unfortunately it is unavoidable that certain player-types are better suited to dominate in virtual football. Here are the overpowered players who you will come to loathe on FIFA 15:
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