FIFA 15: 10 Things We Need Added To FIFA Ultimate Team

Sort it out EA!

The first glimpses of FIFA 15€™s gameplay released at E3 gave fans a lot to get excited for. One of the criticisms of the FIFA franchise across the years has been that the changes from year to year are too marginal to warrant paying full price for a game. However, at their E3 conference, EA announced a plethora of features to generate some enthusiasm amongst FIFA€™s enormous fan base and convince us that this wouldn€™t be yet another rehash of the same game €“ should we expect any less of the series€™ first next-gen outing? Surprisingly we still know very little about the changes, tweaks and additions EA will be making to FIFA 15€™s Ultimate Team mode. FUT is easily the football franchise€™s most popular mode and fans are expecting an impressive array of new features to compliment the impressive changes which have been made to the wider game. FIFA 15 will boast the €˜Living Pitch€™ feature, overhauled crowd visuals and a dynamic player emotional intelligence system, so we are really not demanding too much of EA by asking for some of the far less taxing additions featured on this list. Though the series undeniably needs some vital gameplay alterations to eliminate the extremely frustrating moments of FIFA 14, here we will just be focusing on the Ultimate Team mode and the changes we would like to see; making an extremely good game mode great. Here are the 10 things we need to be added to FIFA Ultimate Team:
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