FIFA 15: 10 Tweaks To Make This The Best FIFA Yet

9. The Twelfth Man

The move to next-gen should enable EA to finally address the lacklustre atmosphere in stadiums. The role fans play in giving their preferred team the boost they need to overcome the dull ache of tiredness or to give them that extra desire to succeed is arguably one of the greatest omissions in the FIFA series. Indeed, teams like Crystal Palace have been able to shock many this season in part thanks to their stupendously vocal supporters €“ this should in some way be reflected in the game. If you€™re one goal down in a vital seasons game in the final 10-minutes the fans should amplify their vocals to spur their team on. Likewise, scoring a blinding goals from halfway like the one featured on this list should provoke more of a reaction from the fans then a condemnable sweaty goal (which would in an ideal world be booed).

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