FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: 20 Best (Cheap) Hidden Gems

Who needs Messi when you can nab these lesser known gems for a pittance?

Sunday Alamba/AP
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is well and truly in full swing, but even with months of trawling the market and hunting for bargains behind us, there are still many stones left unturned when it comes to finding cheap hidden gems. As each edition of Ultimate Team rolls around, players become increasingly aware that best players in the world aren’t necessarily as effective as their virtual counterparts. There’s no need to splash hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins to land the most luxurious stars in the world. Anyone who spends a decent chunk of their downtime playing FIFA 15 will know the gameplay engine is geared to reward footballers of exceptional physical talent more so than those of pure class. Above all else, speed is undeniably essential to both attacking and defending in Ultimate Team. If you don’t have a striker who can stretch the defence with raw pace, a winger who can carry the ball upfield or a defender to chase down fleet-footed attackers, you're going to struggle playing online. To a lesser extent, players with solid physical attributes across the board are also useful outlets. Some might think they’ve cracked the FIFA 15 code and unearthed every cheap beast worth giving a game, but with more than 16,000 professional footballers in the current FUT database, surely a few still go unnoticed…

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