FIFA 16: 10 Common Complaints (That Are Total Bullsh*t)

Nothing sends a FIFA player into a rage quicker than "It's just the same game every year"

Like Call of Duty, and, well, just about every single annualised franchise ever, actually, FIFA gets a lot of flack for not innovating enough when it releases at the end of each and every summer. With complaints that the core experience never changes enough to justify paying for another full-price title every year, the franchise has amassed a rather vocal group of naysayers during its meteoric rise to super-stardom over the past 10 years. Annoyingly, the most common complaints usually boil down to the exact same reductive accusations. They might be from people who've only played the occasional friendly at a friends' house or from those who despise the idea of annualised franchises altogether, but either way it's clear these haters have never spent a substantial amount of time with these games. And no matter how hard the developers try, these complaints have become so commonplace that they crop up without fail with the release of every new entry in the series. It's a bit insulting, really; FIFA doesn't change from iteration to iteration as much as other franchises that get sequels every other year, but the development team actually accomplishes quite a lot considering the unbelievably tight schedule that comes along with getting these football titles out. So, with that in mind, we're going to finally give EA a little credit for how much they actually achieve in moving the genre forward little by little every single year.

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