FIFA 16: 10 Essential Tips All New Players Need

Here's some pointers to get you started.

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced Ultimate Team addict or embarking on your FIFA 16 debut - everyone can improve their football gaming experience. EA Sports are continually improving their versions of the impressive football simulation and the days of being able to pick up a controller and successfully compete without putting the effort in are coming to an end. The game now requires more concentration, intelligence and an understanding of key features, moves and tactics - even at a basic level. Whether you want to develop your shooting, passing or defending there are some tailor-made tips that can raise your game and improve your FIFA results. These crafty pointers will help develop all elements of your game from basic shooting to outsmarting opponents with your new-found knowledge of the new no-touch dribbling skill feature.

10. Pass With Purpose

FIFA 16 has a slightly slower pace than its previous release and the passing has become more advanced. The new 'pass with purpose' feature means that you can adjust the amount of power on your passes and specifically target areas that on older additions you wouldn't have been able to find. This year, you're under a lot more pressure from the opposition midfield and it's important to find the right angles and be patient when locating your direct passes or through balls. The new passing features mean that you have a better chance of finding that killer ball and is an improvement on earlier versions of the game where 75% of the time the attack would break down at this point. By pressing RB+A for Xbox, R1 + X for PlayStation whenever you make a pass, the ball will zip across the pitch at a rapid pace. By using this modifier, pro players will be able to squeeze the ball through the tightest of gaps and through to their striker, cutting the defence to pieces. Be warned though, unless the player you're passing to has exceptional control (i.e Messi or Ronaldo) he could struggle to trap the ball and need to take an extra touch.
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