FIFA 16: 10 Overrated Players Who Need Downgrading

Who hasn't lived up to EA's pre-season predictions?

When fans compare their in-game superstars to real-life, it's easy to see spot the players who haven't lived up to EA's pre-season rating predictions. Though the Match Day features have been used effectively this time around, the base ratings for certain players in the game are still hard to fathom. It has now become routine for FIFA gamers everywhere to rip open the box of their new game, hurriedly shove the disc into their chosen console, then proceed to analyse every team's stats; sizing up the opposition, rather than diving straight into a game. There's obviously no major tournament this summer either, meaning that players will be based pre-dominantly on their club form, as opposed to a rating surge simply for scoring a goal on the world stage. EA are constantly finding ways to increase the realism throughout every aspect of the game, so with FIFA 16 on the horizon and enough game time to judge players across the season, it's time to look at which players need to be downgraded to keep the game consistent with the real world. Here are the 10 prime candidates, although there will no doubt be plenty more changes made on FIFA 16...
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