FIFA 16: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

These will change your FIFA life forever.

It has been a few weeks since the release of FIFA 16 and I assume you're starting to feel more comfortable in your virtual football world? You have mastered the new gameplay, found your ideal formation and you're starting to pick up results like Jose Mourinho used to? Good. But your work is not done. It's time to raise your game from competent to legit and start experimenting with some of the hidden features that EA Sports have embedded into their latest release. These secret gems are guaranteed to take your gaming status right up to baller-level and are bound to impress your mates. These rare hints, cheats, skill moves and celebrations will fill your fingers with Cristiano Ronaldo's flair and confidence and they will add another dimension to your FIFA experience.

10. Hidden Speed Boost

FIFA 16 matchplay is evidently slower than previous versions but EA Sports have included a hidden speed boost on the latest release to increase the tempo of your players' runs. The feature can add more dynamism to your attacks and is a welcome addition to the game as it means you can exploit slower defenders and really take advantage of your quicker players. This move should be used predominantly on the wings as if you use it in the narrow areas of the pitch you can get tackled and offer the opposition a chance to counter. To execute the move simply double flick the right analog stick in the direction where you want your player to boost. It's very easy but so efficient and a lot better than it was in FIFA 15. If you have the space on the counter attack then it gives the defender no chance of catching you as it gives your attacker a huge increase in speed. The other option is to flick the right-stick in the direction you€™re facing and this will give you a chance of beating a defender even if you're not running a great speed as it will confuse AI players or your friends.
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