FIFA 16: 20 Best Goalkeepers Revealed

And the top stopper is...

EA Sports

FIFA 16 is coming. And just to tease you ahead of its release later in September, game-makers EA Sports have spent the last few days releasing new tidbits of information.

There's been a demo. There's a brand new top 50. And now, they've confirmed the top 20 rated goalkeepers for the new version of the game. It's an exciting time you know, especially given the goalkeeping AI seems to have gotten a whole lot better in comparison to last year's version.

One goalkeeping legend has again made it into the 90's for his overall rating, but there's been some major shuffling (in terms of downgrades and upgrades) when it comes to the order to the men who follow. 

England's Premier League is strongly populates the top 20, with a number of high-class goalkeepers given generous ratings to reflect their qualities. Leagues as far reaching as Turkey and Portugal (okay, that's not too far) also have representation, so it's an encouraging sign that if you're looking to make a more obscure Ultimate Team, there's a solid basis to build off in goal.

Read on for the top 20 goalkeepers in the world for FIFA 16, according to the darlings at EA Sports.

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