FIFA 16: Every Downgraded Player Rated

One member of the 90+ club has fallen...

EA have bought into the hype that surrounds the annual ratings reveal by those who pick up a copy of the latest FIFA every year. Long before a virtual ball is kicked, users tear through teams' in-game stats on the hunt for the top skill players, the quickest, the fastest, the fittest, and the strongest. It's more than worth it. For starters, you get to discover a new team to build your legacy with, and there's also the advantage of scouting out similar ranked teams you'll face through your journeys. This applies to Ultimate Team, where finding gems is essential. EA have revealed their Top 50 UT players, and while many have been boosted up to the next level and beyond, there are off-form players who've taken a nosedive. EA don't often do knee-jerk reactions, but there are several players who may feel like their virtual counterparts have been trimmed down too harshly. A lot boils down to personal taste, so here are the 8 confirmed downgraded players so far in order of their overall rating (Manchester City and PSG fans: Beware/Se Méfier)...


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