FIFA 16: The First 6 Things We Will All Do With The Demo

Let's face it, you're more excited than you should be about vanishing spray.

With the release of the FIFA 16 demo now just less than a month away (9-10th September depending on which platform you plan to get it for) it€™s time to start planning what we€™re going to do when we get our first chance to play it. The demo will allow players to select from 12 playable teams, including European champions Barcelona and English Premiership champions Chelsea, and it will also offer the first chance to experience the new women€™s football mode (more on this later) as well as a whole host of other new features. Two game modes will be available in this year€™s demo €“ Kick-Off mode and Ultimate Team. Kick-Off mode allows players to play a 4 minutes halves €œMatch Day€ game, playing against either the AI or a friend in one of 3 available stadiums €“ Borussia-Park, CenturyLink Field and the Santiago Bernabeu. And of course, the Ultimate Team mode will allow players their first chance to experience the FUT Draft mode (again, more on this later). So with 2 entries on our list already teased, let€™s now take a look and see what the first 6 things everyone will do when we get our first taste of the FIFA 16 demo...
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