FIFA 16 UK Cover To Be Decided By Fans

One of the names you can vote for will shock you a little...

EA SPORTS have today announced that for the first time ever, fans will be able to vote for who they wish to join Lionel Messi on the UK front cover of FIFA 16. Fans can choose between Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois, Jordan Henderson and Harry Kane. As of midday on Tuesday 16th June, fans will be able to head to to vote for who they want to join Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi on the FIFA 16 cover, with voting closing on July 5th. EA Sports will reveal the winner and the actual covers on July 8. In what is a very confusing voting system, FIFA have laid out the following rules for the process...

"You vote by visiting the respective country voting pages. From there, select the player you want on the cover, confirm your choice and your vote has been cast.Each vote you cast is worth one (1) point, you can vote like this once a day until the voting closes on July 5.There are a few ways to cast additional votes: Every time you vote you can share your support on Twitter. When you do this, you give your favorite player an extra 10 points. You can also give them more points by playing FIFA 15. When you vote for your player through the portal, you will be given the option to link your Origin ID. Once linked, actions you perform in FIFA 15 will go towards your player. Points earned through FIFA 15: .5 point for every game you play in FIFA 15, regardless of mode .5 point for every game you win in FIFA 15, regardless of mode .25 point for every goal you score in FIFA 15, regardless of mode. Points from in-game play are rewarded regardless of the clubs, players or modes you choose. You must have your Origin ID linked in order to earn points this way." Sergio Aguero, Jordan Henderson, Thibaut Courtois, and Harry Kane are battling it out in the race to join Lionel Messi on the UK cover of EA SPORTS FIFA 16. This year, for the first time ever, fans will dictate which player lines up alongside the Barcelona and Argentina ace. Vote at #FIFA16UKcover
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