FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: 14 Best (Cheap) Hidden Gems

Stop. Don't waste your coins. Grab some bargains before they disappear.

The world has gone FIFA crazy, and Ultimate Team is an even bigger deal than ever before. Savvy traders got straight down to business on the Web App, shaping the market to their needs, and now everyone has followed on their various consoles. Getting a good deal in the first few weeks of a new FIFA launch is nigh-on impossible, and creating a top-level team is a tricky task. Or so it would seem. If you want to succeed from the very start of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, you need to be smart about the players you bring in. It's always tempting to snap up the 81-rated midfielder ahead of the 79-rated one, but look deeper at their stats and you could pick up a player more suited to your style for a much more reasonable cost. The awkward opening phase of Ultimate Team can be made a whole lot easier if you nail down a solid team immediately and stop leaking coins, but first you need to ditch the mentality of thinking that players under-80 overall aren't worth your time. Pick a team based on players' individual stats and you'll be able to find some real bargains. Here are 14 of the finest players you can drop into your Ultimate Team without depleting your coin balance or being forced to waste thousands.


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