FIFA 17: 14 Leaked Arsenal Player Ratings

Hector Bellerin has been ROBBED.

FIFA 17 Mesut Ozil
EA Sports

Thanks to an insider account on Twitter and EA Sports, most of the Premier League teams and Europe's elite sides have seen their ratings leaked, and inevitably, fans will lap them up. Also inevitably, some will take major umbrage at some of the unjust ratings that have been doled out already. And Arsenal's Hector Bellerin might well be the most sinned against, if these leaks prove to be real.

Most of Arsenal's expected startign line-up have been leaked, though notable absences include Theo Walcott (probably injured at the time of the leak) and new boys Lucas Perez and Shkrodan Mustafi. If Perez isn't an 80-82 and Mustafi and 85-86, I'd be shocked.

Incidentally, if you're a Bournemouth fan wondering how much quality will be left on your medical room table: Jack Wilshere is supposedly an 81...

But how well do the rest of his former team-mates rank?

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