FIFA 19: 10 Fan Demands EA Sports Must Include

Street footy. 'Nuff said.

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports/UEFA

The war is over, and FIFA fans have won.

Finally, that vaunted Champions League license is coming to EA's long-running franchise. The never-ceasing battle for FIFA's dev team to play out their own license-heavy footy fantasy is almost complete, and it'll be an absolute thrill to hear that official theme ring out for Champers in FIFA 19.

Somehow, those who have followed the series for years are still moaning. Worse (from EA's perspective), they have every reason to. There's still so, so much FIFA could improve on to give players that inexhaustible experience that might pull EA's beast miles ahead of Konami's PES once again.

In some respects, this is a fight that will never end. There will always be somethingEA can improve on, yes, but there are things they should already have amended. In a game so set on delivering dead-on TV presentation and kits so accurate one can almost see the stitching, it must be hard to deal with fan expectation for top-notch customisation or greater gameplay depth.

Tough, EA. You've gone on long enough without perfecting your own formula. Here's a tip or two from people who aren't wrong for demanding the absolute best from your next game...

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