FIFA 19: 10 Improvements We Want To See In Career Mode

9. Better Player Communication

EA Sports

Improved player communication across the board is something FIFA 19 needs if it's going to rid Career Mode of those endless emails from whinging stars about why they're not being picked.

Take control of Roma, for example, and you may wish to phase ageing heroes like Daniele De Rossi out of the team in favour of a younger model who is quicker, hungrier and ready to win. Good luck explaining that to the Italian. EA don't give players the chance.

Instead, De Rossi will continue to pop emails into your inbox reminding the gaffer paying his wages that his agent isn't happy with the lack of game time. Why is it so hard to script in a simple private conversation thread, wherein aspiring managers can outline their vision for the future and allay all fears?

It's hardly realistic that any manager would outright ignore player complaints like they do in FIFA and either slot them in against their will or send them seeking solace elsewhere during the next transfer window.

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