FIFA 19: 7 Things Hardcore Fans Want From The Journey 3

The end of Alex Hunter is just the beginning for EA's Journey...

FIFA 19 The Journey 3
EA Sports

EA's announcement that FIFA 19 will bring Alex Hunter's story to an end and introduce two other playable characters to The Journey is welcome.

FIFA 17's Journey was a humble beginning, FIFA 18 added a few layers of customisation and now FIFA 19 is expected to ring around major changes for the mode's future. It's about time too, because (just three entries in) Hunter's soap-opera style footy career is starting to grow a little hollow.

For hardcore offline players who stuck by FIFA through PES-led dominance in the mid-2000s and the super-bland 'Be A Pro' experience that debuted in FIFA 08, The Journey should be a reward for patience. It might be over time, but for now it suffers from the same dullness that single-player feature did, and the whole package needs a colossal facelift before it gets stale.

Will that come this year? Maybe, or it could be another year of consolidation before EA take the training wheels off in time for FIFA 20. If nothing else, EA have to offer up something more than they did last year, and they must start pushing The Journey forwards so it becomes unmissable and comparable with other sports title 'Career Modes'...

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