FIFA 19 Career Mode: 5 Big Worries From The Beta

Are EA ignoring the mode AGAIN?

Fifa 19 Ronaldo

The FIFA 19 Closed Beta has been in full swing for the last week now, and with it set to end in just under three days' time, it's apt to begin work on the autopsy. Of course, betas never represent the final product, and today, titles can change in drastic ways even after release. However, they do offer our best indication of what a game'll look like come release day, and well... FIFA 19 is a bit of a mixed bag.

There are gameplay improvements - certainly - and while some changes are likely to be divisive for a variety of different reasons, attention among the game's online community has shifted to Career Mode, a staple of the series and a feature that many believe to have been overlooked in recent years, with only marginal improvements having been made during FIFA 17 and its successor.

For those who took part in the Closed Beta and were given access to Career Mode, the picture being painted is mixed. On one hand, the cosmetics have never looked better - on the other, it looks as though FIFA 19 is overlooking the career once more, and it's something EA have to address come release.

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