FIFA 19 Ratings: 10 Players Who Deserve Higher Stats

These lads are just getting better, and better, and better!

EA Sports

We are now just five weeks away from the release of FIFA 19, and football fans everywhere are counting the weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until that pre-order copy they ordered yonks ago arrives at their doorstep.

This year's game has promised various new features; including timed finishing, the Active Touch System, and dynamic tactics, alongside the conclusion of The Journey and the return of the Champions League to FIFA.

However, alongside all the new bells and whistles in terms of features that come with every FIFA release, there's also the simple stuff to expect like developed stadiums, new kits and how players stats have changed.

Sadly for some, they'll never reach the heights of FIFA 18 again (here's looking at you Zlatan), but for others FIFA 19 will finally reward their talents with the ratings they deserve.

Certain players may have been underrated or overlooked in previous iterations of the game, some had a phenomenal 2017/18 season for their club, others simply grabbed headlines at the World Cup this summer by being the talisman of their nation.


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