FIFA 20: 10 Legends Who Need To Be Added To Ultimate Team

There iconic names need to be added to FIFA 20 ahead of the game's September release.


Even though picking up icon cards on FIFA Ultimate Team has only been available for poor PS4 owners for two years now, Xbox users have been smugly playing with all kinds of legends since way back on FIFA 14. Now though, we’re at that point where FIFA 20 will be upon us before you can say, “why did I just waste 30 quid on FIFA points?!”

Of course, with each new FIFA outing there’s that anticipation amongst fans over just which new heroes of the beautiful game will be added to the latest incarnation of this global juggernaut. That said, even if your favourite star of yesteryear does get added to the new FIFA, there’s the small issue of being able to somehow add them to your Ultimate Team.

Taking a look ahead to FIFA 20, here we have ten iconic figures who need to be added to Ultimate Team ahead of the game’s launch. Because, after all, who doesn’t want a bit of Batigol in their life?

10. Cafu

Peter Robinson/EMPICS Sport

For the past several years, Ultimate Team has continued to feature plentiful Brazilian icons. The thing is, while those players have bagged goals, beaten men, and bossed midfields, there seems to be a major gap when it comes to legendary Brazil defenders. Step forward, Cafu.

Not only is former right-back Cafu viewed as one of the greatest defenders in history, but this World Cup winning captain is also one of those players whose style and approach fits the modern game perfectly. As in, Cafu’s limitless running, natural athleticism, rapid speed, and technical prowess mark him out as somebody who would seamlessly fit into any team today – or any Ultimate Team, for that matter.

When it comes to iconic full-backs, FIFA has been lacking a little in recent years. You might be able to pick up a Paolo Maldini or a Javier Zanetti, but there’s still a certain spark and energy missing from those players.

And where those players are lacking, former Roma and AC Milan stalwart Cafu could be just the tonic.


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