FIFA 20: 10 Strongest Players On The Game

Did Virgil Van Dijk make the cut?

EA Sports

It's that time of the year that all FIFA fans are waiting for, as the latest installment in the iconic franchise - FIFA 20 - is now upon us.

Regardless of what style of play or approach you prefer to your FIFA play, one thing that has become increasingly vital over recent years is that you need some players who can hold their own in the challenge and won't physically be as effective as a small child - here's looking at you, Mesut Ozil! - when confronted by a rival.

To some, pace is the most important attribute on FIFA. To others, it's all about control and technique. Now while both of those things are indeed key, they're nothing without some power to back them up. And that's what's going to be showcased here.

After delving through the plentiful teams and players of FIFA 20, there's now a definitive list of the ten strongest players in this new release. And by strong, that literally means the 'strength' attribute - an attribute that can make the difference between dominating the opposition or being bullied off the park.

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